About Us


CEO Juhyup, Lee

Thank you for visiting the website of Daeryun Industrial Co., Ltd.

Since its founding in 1994, Daeryun Industrial Co., Ltd. has been contributing to the competitiveness of the domestic ventilation and blower industry through continuous technological development and quality improvement and has endeavored to maximize customer satisfaction.
In 1998, we overcame the IMF and achieved sales of 25 billion won.
The driving force of such sales growth is the enthusiasm of all employees and efforts to continuously strengthen corporate competitiveness.
In addition, with the goal of becoming the forefront of the domestic and overseas ventilation and blower industry, we are constantly striving to realize this.

Daeryun Industrial Co., Ltd. is preparing to improve the constitution of the organization beyond the framework of the existing business form in order to realize a greater leap forward.
This is to prepare for the future by analyzing the past, which has been only looking ahead, and by compensating for the shortcomings.

To this end, “Daeryun Industrial Co., Ltd. promises as follows”.

One, Daeryun is a company that makes good products, is recognized by customers, and operates at a fair price.
One, Daeryun is a company that continuously communicates based on trust between employees.
One, Daeryun is a company that is built right on the basis of the principles and principles.
One, Daeryun is a company that honestly admits and corrects any mistakes in the performance of business so that it can become a better company.

Daeryun Industrial Co., Ltd. promises to grow into a global company that leads the world market, preparing for the future without being settled in the present.
Thank you.