Double Suction Straight Sirocco Fan


Double Suction Straight Sirocco Fan

  • Minimized noise and vibration by application of optimal design of integrated case
  • Great corrosion resistance, exterior in feeling of exclusivity, and extended usable life by application of special painting on the front
  • Minimized time of construction through the ease of installation
  • Prevention of condensation on motor by application of air control device, and realization of extended useable motor life to the extent possible through great cooling effect
  • Quick and simple process of repair and cleaning through only one-off cover removal
  • Great workability as air intakes are installable unfettered from direction, and multiple suction device is also well within the bounds of practicability

※ Custom production with filter to block contaminants is possible
※ SUS order production possible (excluding wings)

  • Ventilation, air-conditioning, and air supply and exhaust system



Performance curve