Portable Fan


Portable Fan

  • Realization of low noise, weight lightening, and high efficiency by application of blades in aluminum alloy for die castings (DR-E200~E350DS), glass-fiber-reinforced plastics(GFRP), and plastic blades (DR-FP400~FP500)
  • Performance and efficiency in high level, and continuous operation in miniaturized and lightweight structure
  • Adjustable use of air supply and exhaust system at one’s disposal in any places based on field conditions through detachable ducts and simple transport and handling
  • Wide range of use and method, and greatest contribution to less choking incidents and improved working environments
  • Toxic gas scavenging system during cable wiring and the drainage works, and in the welding operation of shipbuilding, bridge building, and underground tunnel construction
  • Ventilation in process of inspection and maintenance of boilers, manholes, and storage tanks
  • Ventilation for smoke extraction system in underground spaces
  • Ventilation and drying system for painting works, and ventilation for places of business where a lot of dusts are generated



Performance curve