Energy Recovery Ventilator


Energy Recovery Ventilator

  • Certified as high-efficiency energy material and equipment
  • Minimized cost and space for installation through the ease of recess in the ceiling by application of integrated energy recovery element with fan and filter
  • Application of BLDC motor with low noise, high static pressure, and power-saving effect
  • Prevention of contaminants from entering by application of green and high-performance filter
  • Design with low-noise and thin-film type by application of new type of energy recovery ventilator as embedded structure
  • Application of multifunctional controller
  • Available for interconnection with central controller, EHP, and home network (optional)
  • ISO9001 certified (QMS-0255, by Korean Standards Association)
  • Guaranteed PL insurance worth three hundred million won(accident insurance of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance)
  • Application in resorts, houses, offices, schools, apartment buildings, multi-use buildings, etc
Overview of energy recovery system
  • Energy recovery is conducted between plates by temperature difference between fresh outdoor air and contaminated indoor air while each of air passes through the energy recovery ventilator in different layers and directions as following image.
  • Ex) Energy recovery in winter season
    Inflow of cold air from outside & release of heated air → Supply of fresh outdoor air & recovery of waste heat from inside